White Noise Club

2016/10/21 / 0 comments

After the never ending working hours, after all the housework, after the stress, the effort, the routine… Then comes friday, then party, then we dance.  The ritual, as old as mankind, has not changed, our way to understand it neither, but we keep providing it new temples. White Noise Club is one of them. Photo:…

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35 X DIN A6 ≤ 45

2016/10/20 / 0 comments

Vernissage: Montag, 24.10.2016, 19 Uhr “20 Folien in 6 Minuten” Werkschau der 16 teilnehmenden Büros raumspielkunst / hdg Architekten, Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel Architekten, COAST, Danner Yildiz Architekten, Franke Seiffert Architekten BDA, Ferdinand Ludwig, MoRe Architekten, REICHEL SCHLAIER Architekten BDA, Daniel Schönle, Seyfried Psiuk Architekten BDA, Steimle Architekten, Studio LTA, SOMAA., umschichten, VON M und…

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White Noise Bar

2016/05/03 / 0 comments

The White/Noise Bar was born in the mind of two experienced Club & Bar entrepreneurs who wanted to establish a meeting point for the daily “Stuttgarter Feierabend”. Their wish was to exceed the scope of any normal bar, and bring it to another level where Electronic Music and all kind of events perform the core…

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Educational Centre in Seseña Spain

2016/01/24 / 0 comments

siteplan – the contrast of neighborhoods The spanish city of Seseña, a commuter town in Madrid Metropolitan area, was one of the most affected by the crisis. Nowadays it is trying to recover from its image as an example of the crisis. The rising population is in need of new public equipment and a school…

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Kommune Silberfuchs

2015/11/03 / 0 comments

BUGA 2019 (German Garden Exposition), was a chance for the city of Heilbronn to ask architects and urbanists about new housing ideas for the new park developed. Entering, passing by, looking through, looking out… in one word, permeability and, even though irradiates security, this is what best defines our aim for Silberfuchs. A fox’s den….

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Lecture at Architektenkammer Stuttgart

2015/10/09 / 0 comments

We invite all our friends, clients and interested people to come to our lecture, together with Amunt from Stuttgart at Architektenkammer Stuttgart. As part of the official Finissage of “Junge Architekten stellen sich vor” 2015 – series we present some of our projects and discuss matters as “needs, “quality” and “adequacy” in architectural practice.  

Completion of Seerhein Sinfonie

2015/10/02 / 0 comments

The 2007 together with HPP Laage und Partner designed “Seerhein Sinfonie” in Konstanz, Germany has now been completed. We took some photos to generate an impression of the quality full building, realized in high standards of sustainable building solutions. Flexible apartment floor plans, geothermal heat exchanger with water cooling and photovoltaics are only main topics within this modern…

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Heidelberger Romantic 2.0

2015/07/25 / 0 comments

Foundations of Social and Energetic Communities – multiple concepts of anchors serving as energetic cycles for social interaction, wind or solar energy and water. The area of the „Großdeutschlandkaserne“, later „Campbell Barracks“ and its service structures in the vicinity have lost its function as a military base and NATO outpost. The departure of the troops offers the…

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New tram-stop for Ulm

2015/07/25 / 0 comments

The City of Ulm asked architects, urbanists and landscapers to refurbish the Central Station Square, a complex urban arrange of infrastructures that will build the city new image. We were selected to participate with the aim to develop a strong Architectural CI for the central city gate. The required new tram-stop is solved by a serie of…

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Postbarn – module based housing

2015/03/20 / 0 comments

How is a row house for a rural postmodern context? What makes it recognizable? The program provided was asking for a quite standard family house, but gave the opportunity to build an outer, separated shelter.  Why not joining them? The traditional house for an agricultor included the space for tools, animals, food… the so called…

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Nufringer „gute Stuben“

2015/01/02 / 0 comments

The new main central square in Nufringen character is based on the idea of urban living-room. The origin as village that has evolved haphazardly serves as inspiration for the arrangement with Carpets and furniture, the playful distribution, create different accents. The administrative and  commercial are one, the Bürgerforum with cultural and meeting point the next…

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Jägerkaserne Areal – Kassel

2014/12/29 / 0 comments

The Jägerkaserne former barracks renewal we did with bauchplan from vienna/munich offers the opportunity to make it the dominant element of the new Kassel district. The neighbourhood its seen as a link between the urban Bosestraße to the north and the Schönfeld Park to the south and Jägerkaserne I plateau to the west and Jägerkaserne…

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Berufsbildungzentrum Mölln

2014/12/29 / 0 comments

The competition we did with raumeins architects consisted in the construction, extension and reconstruction of the workshops and the entrance area of a vocational training centre in Mölln. The aim is to design the main hall and the garages and reorder and expand the different training areas. The creation of a cross development with new…

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The cloud – a next generation of gas station

2014/10/11 / 0 comments

The Energy Node Cloud is located in an intersection of the Panamerican Route in Chile, where two main roads collide: one industrial that leads to Santiago, and one touristic that connects the Pacific and the Andes. It is a point within the daily way to work or back home for thousands commuter. A self-sufficient, pneumatic,…

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RepRap – serving hands Ord Bot Hadron

2014/10/06 / 0 comments

Our new 3D Printer will work 24/7 to help raumspielkunst in designing new spaces and concepts. Welcome him with a gentle “hello”.  

First part of “Neue Böblinger Meile” opened

2014/10/05 / 0 comments

The first two of three construction phases of “Neue Böblinger Meile” opened last Thursday together with the “Mercaden”-Mall in the city of Böblingen. The transformation of a “normal” street into an urban pedestrian zone with more green, cozy furniture, a wonderful wideness generating granite texture and a rhythmic lightinstallations. The design is done by “bauchplan…

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Housing in Varna

2014/10/05 / 0 comments

Located in the coastal city of Varna in Bulgaria, this housing building is intended to be the holidays residence for tourists. The central staircase and elevator core is surrounded by four different kind of apartments with gaps in between them in order to bring more light into the structure. The different units have a similar…

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Archives #4 House extension „Glaskasten“

2014/07/16 / 0 comments

The client of this project – owner of a gardening center wished to have her outdated fifties home on the same site than her greenery modernized. It went through a process of program defragmentation and extension. The existing functional units living, dining room and kitchen were redesigned which resulted in a new layout where dining…

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Baunetz Ranking June

2014/07/16 / 0 comments

It is not important but a nice detail. We are listed in Baunetz Ranking on position no. 53 of national offices in Germany. We are a bit proud of beeing recognized.

office building for Stadtwerke Tübingen

2014/07/16 / 0 comments

With our partners from Amunt, Knippers-Helbig and IWP we developped a multi-storey wooden office building for the Stadtwerke Tübingen. The thin building generates a total open space with 45 * 7 meters by pushing out all technical and functional spaces. The geometry is devided into a rhythm of 9 parts – based on an ideal…

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A6 BDA Architectural week in Munich

2014/05/27 / 0 comments

We had 4 hours time to work out a concept for generating a higher density within the city of munich. We focused on the idea of generating win/win situations by combining needs and service spaces with the right to overbid existing building codes. The idea is to generate a small rule, grafted on the existing…

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BDA Workshop in Munich

2014/04/30 / 0 comments

Together with bauchplan and 711LAB we participate in a laboratory for dense urbanity called “Dicht säen – Streit ernten”. We will focus on flexible structures and architecture to support density within social and functional programs, affecting urban streetlife and alternative housing solutions – especially the idea of “creare / crescere”. The laboratory of the “Architekturwoche”…

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Best of Year Honoree plaque arrived from New York

2014/04/28 / 0 comments

Last Friday we got our 2013 won orange plaque for “Noir-Cuisine” from Interior Design, Boy Awards after a long trip to europe. We will give this award to our clients, knowing of their portion of the success. Thank You.

urban development framework plan for Ludwigsburg

2014/04/13 / 0 comments

In team with 711Lab, bauchplan ).( and Link Verkehrsplanung we developed a masterplan to redesign the area between Oststadt and Oßweil of Ludwigsburg, Germany. As part of a large-scale, multi-phase project commissioned by the municipality of Ludwigsburg we designed a new sportpark based on the ideal “design by noise”. The new arrangement of sport and…

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campus expansion “Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen”

2014/03/12 / 0 comments

As a not favored competition entry we did together with HPP GmbH & Co.KG., Stuttgart and scape Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Düsseldorf it looks too good not to be published. The idea for this campus extension was to exaggerate the use of the outer recreational area (Minicampus) with a roof for rainy days. It marks the centre…

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Germany – Chile 1:0

2014/03/08 / 0 comments

We where following the football match between Germany and Chile in the “Mercedes-Benz-Arena” in Stuttgart. Finally Germany has won, but Chile played well and was fighting till the end. It was our early pre-christmas party for 2014. Just trying to be prepared.

Archives #3 – Masterplan for “Olga-Areal” in Stuttgart

2014/03/08 / 0 comments

We want to present you an old competition entry we did for the transformation of the “Olga-Areal” into a mixed-use city block with private and semi-public spaces and public areas facing the road. Housing for elderly, young families, Joint building ventures, office spaces and a supermarket where combinded within a strong structure defining circles of…

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Competition entry “Nördliches Ringgebiet” Braunschweig

2014/03/08 / 0 comments

The shown concept for the residential quarter “Nördliches Ringgebiet” with a parc named “Gleispark” was part of 25 finalists to redesign the heterogeneous northern area in the city of Braunschweig. The city blocks extend the existing housing structure and create an urban carpet that on the eastside defines a border and on the westside ist…

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Competition entry Beznerareal Ravensburg

2014/01/04 / 0 comments

Unfortunately we couldn´t place the contribution but our concept of combining different typologies within this heterogeneous urban surrounding is still nice to see. The former factory for mechanical engineering should be transformed into an areal for living and working, extended with local supply and a kindergarten. We kept the two street facing original factory buildings…

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2013 Best of Year Awards

2013/11/12 / 0 comments

Our submission has been chosen as a finalist in the 2013 Best of Year Awards! Noir-Cuisine is a finalist in the Hospitality / Restaurant: Casual Dining category. A full list of all finalists in product categories are available on the Best of Year Awards site. Thank to Interior Design and the Jury. Now we hope…

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5th prize in a hospital competition for Basel

2013/10/01 / 0 comments

Together with HPP we worked out a concept for the university hospital in Basel, Switzerland. The competition was to design a total transformation of the existing structure K2 during operation. The goal was to design a clear development for future issues – a flexibel building for medical and human needs in the 21th century. The…

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Kickerturnier Winner 2013

2013/10/01 / 0 comments

raumspielkunst in team with Georg Peer from HPP Stuttgart won the Kickertunier 2013 in the nice offices of Köber Landschaftsarchitektur in Stuttgart. After kickin´ out the 6-time winner Lokomotive West in the quarter finals we decided to win the tournament and to get the cup. We just did it. We thank Mr. Köber and all…

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Home extension Höschele

2013/07/26 / 0 comments

In order to better serve the needs of the family Höschele we designed a timber home extension hanging at the existent facade at a house in Stuttgart-Kaltental. The idea is based on the joining of various program points, connected to a stepped corridor. The position in height of the first floor provides several advantages: the…

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Gentleman´s club house

Archives #2 – Clubhouse in Bulgaria

2013/07/15 / 0 comments

For a bulgarian Gentleman’s club we had the opportunity to design a clubhouse with two seperated apartment blocks. A folded concrete base embeds the volume within the hilly landscape. The different spaces defining the house react to the slopy character and underline the growing grade of intimacy. The way through the house leads along the…

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“Noir Cuisine” published in db – deutsche bauzeitung

2013/06/09 / 0 comments

Our  restaurant “Noir-Cuisine” is one of seven choosen designs in the current issue of db-deutsche bauzeitung. Martin Höchst wrote a nice text, based on an interview with Fabrice Henninger. We had lunch, talked about the process of designing the restaurant and at the end had a photo in front of the red kitchen. Have fun…

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Design Processes

2013/06/02 / 0 comments

The schematic design explaining the urban strategy for munich called “Münchner Mischung” adorns the title page of the German magazine “Der Entwurf” (dbz, supplement, april 2013). The interview was done with Stefan Werrer, the concept we did together with 711LAB from Stuttgart and bauchplan ).( located in Vienna/Munich

Archives #1 – Maak Plaats in Rotterdam

2013/05/23 / 0 comments

We will show you in diverse Archive – articles former projects. This one, named Maak Plaats we did together with other architects, urban planers and artists for the city of Rotterdam. Helping them to redesign open spaces belonging to the youth. We accompanied young people, helping them to discuss and develop solutions for their neigbourhoods…

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José landed @ raumspielkunst

2013/05/23 / 0 comments

We welcome José Antonio Candel Talavera at Talstrasse 41 in Stuttgart. He supports us in planning urban scales, architectures and designs for clients in Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Ludwigsburg, Gießen and in June Rancagua, Chile. Have a look to this nice guy from Madrid.

We got a honorable mention for the urban design competition Dichterviertel-Nord in Ulm

2013/03/18 / 0 comments

The design we did for the competition Dichterviertel-Nord in Ulm works out a heterogeneous mixture of different housing typologies and walks of life. The anchors for the structure are the parallel buildings facing the main road and the rails, the partitioning into 6 blocks and a east-west connection transformed into a park marking the southside…

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winery in Chile

2013/03/04 / 0 comments

The design for the extension of a winery in Rancagua, Chile will be presented and promoted this week. A cooperation between the chilean winery “San Nicolas” Wines and the Label “Punti Ferrer” is happening this weeks and we hope that the new production site will be built soon. siteplan facing the Pan Americana Overview of…

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Interior Design Magazine, NY

2013/02/24 / 0 comments

The New York based Interior Design magazine published our restaurant “Noir-Cuisine” realised in Stuttgart in their second issue of 2013. Futhermore they published it in the internet. In order to view it just follow this link.

A second prize for our Kindergarten St. Elisabeth

2013/02/24 / 0 comments

The design and concept of the architectural competition for the Kindergarten extension St. Elisabeth was honored with a second prize. The aim was to renovate and redefine the existing buildings and their inner structure. We designed a new entrance building used as a hub to generate a multi-programmable heart within the cluster of different functions,…

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“Grüne Mitte Ruit” – a honorable mention

2013/01/07 / 0 comments

Our proposal for the urban update of the green centre in Ruit/Ostfildern received a honorable mention. This project was done in cooperation with 711LAB, Stuttgart and bauchplan, Munich. The aim of this competition was to redesign the area around the town hall, arrange a school, two gymnasiums, dedicated housing developments built specifically for active retired…

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Here is the 72HUA Film

2012/10/17 / 0 comments

The team around Gilly and Kerem from 72HUA worked hard and finally finished the film about the festival in Stuttgart. Their next shows will hopefully happen in New York or better in Moscow …. 72 Hour Urban Action | Episode 2 | Stuttgart 2012 from 72 Hour Urban Action on Vimeo.

Pecha Kucha Stuttgart

2012/09/20 / 0 comments

Yesterday we took part at Pecha Kucha Night in Stuttgart. The topic was the reinterpretation of the city and we presented our tools to generate social and cultural low-price spaces within city development and conversion strategies. Our thanks go to David Cook and his team for the nice evening full of interesting lectures and the…

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transformable haircutters´ unit

space-saving working unit “flying dutchmen”

2012/09/06 / 0 comments

The new flagship-salon for blond´s opened it´s doors in Stuttgart, Germany in the year 2010. The production of the innovative shopconcept made by Fabrice Henninger and Helga Schmid from raumspielkunst in cooperation with Florian Lachenmann was accompanied by SWR3 the german TV channel for southern Germany. In collaboration with Leolac we developed the “flying dutchmen”,…

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Alterarchitectures Manifesto

2012/08/27 / 0 comments

Book presentation at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, 2012 Alterarchitectures is the first publication of Underconstructions, European observatory of innovative architectural and urban processes. The title is a reflection of other ways to construct the city. Indeed, the innovative experiments constitute isolated occurrences, but seen together, their sum testifies of the existence of a…

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Our Kindergarten got a honourable mention

2012/08/15 / 0 comments

Our entry into the competition for a new kindergarten for the Catholic parish Christus König in Münsingen received an honorable mention from the jury, although the parish priest let us know that he favored our design above the others. Our design forms a plaza for the neighboring buildings and is only a single story, so…

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2012/06/24 / 0 comments

The festival will start in a few weeks. You can follow it´s hot phase on 72HUA or Post21 Over 100 activists will transform missions around the Wagenhallen and Nordbahnhof- strasse from 11.7. till 14.7.2012. Go to the sites, have fun and be part of it! The Post 21 program suggests a series of events in…

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NOIR Cuisine in Stuttgart – Marienplatz

2012/06/23 / 0 comments

How is a place without a carnival of light and shadow or parade of ostentatious forms described? How is a place that does not shout, “Look at me!” created? Such atmospheres are dark and obscure — adumbrated spaces. No pretention or grand trompe l’oeil, the architecture becomes a subtle backdrop for the unfathomably complex man….

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social network and groups in Hamburg

Think Tight – Converting “Kleiner Grasbrook”

2012/04/15 / 0 comments

Concerning Hamburg´s huge city transformation “Hafencity“ from the 90´s, the financial crisis increased social problems and simultaniously generated a higher demand for civil participation. This urges the authorities to rethink their approach of its top-down masterplanning strategy for this area. They try to react with an approach to implement the „creative class“ to make accommodation…

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Redefining the inner city of Herrenberg

2012/02/19 / 0 comments

The aim of this competition was to redefine the heterogeneous structure of Herrenberg. The inner city of Herrenberg suffer from a high dense of traffic, forced by two interstate roads crossing in the centre of this wonderful middle age building structure. The mission was to solve this traffic problem, to bring in a high number…

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model of the chruch

St. Paulus church Balingen

2012/02/19 / 0 comments

Our competition entry for St. Paulus church in Balingen-Frommern was selected as a finalist input. At the end we got no prize but the project was mentioned as a clear and competent solution. The idea for the concept was to arrange a new courtyard around the existing steeple grouping the church, the parsonage and the…

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The campus of the University of Hohenheim

Thinktank for the University of Hohenheim

2011/10/16 / 0 comments

The University of Hohenheim has a high demand for student carrels. Given the situation, of course, no budget exists, we have designed a flexible space. The cell stands alone, or can be used in groups. For the production, we have thought of an industrial partner from the automotive industry who know how to produce the…

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Our clients and Florian Lachenmann - the first meeting

“Noir” – vietnamese and japanese restaurant at Marienplatz in Stuttgart will open in december!

2011/10/16 / 0 comments

We were asked six weeks ago, if we can implement existing plans for an Asian restaurant until December. Of course, we have accepted the job but changed the plan for our concepts. The focus is a gastronomic experience that is anchored between European and Asian cultures. A large pedestal with recessed alcoves changes its usability…

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The Floating Museum

Design for the “Floating LAB Collective”

2011/09/12 / 0 comments

The Museum is a response to urban mobility and the concept of the “commuter,” specific to the metropolitan area of Washington DC. The Floating Museum symbolically transforms a truck, normally used for selling tacos, into a moving museum. It functions under the premises of accessibility, participation, pertinence, roaming, and integration of displaced communities. The Floating…

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Academy of the other city®

2011/08/02 / 0 comments

The Academy of the other city envisions the inner city of Kaiserslautern as an integrated educational, cultural and commercial space – a place for learning and research as well as exchange of different cultures and experiences. Starting with empty shops generating the initial momentum for spatial and social improvement, The Academy of the other city…

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Sparkasse Leer-Wittmund

2011/08/02 / 0 comments

Raumeins and raumspielkunst cooperated for a competition to design a new facade for the banking house “Sparkasse” in Leer, Germany. The proposed design solution intended a fragmented accumulation of facades to break-down the irresponsibly large volume. The choice for the brickwork comes from the typical construction in northern Germany. The different parts of the facade…

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Innovationcenter Aalen

2011/07/13 / 0 comments

The Innovation Centre provides the bridge between the Aalen University of Applied Sciences and the region with its booming economy and is called “EU flagship project”. As a place of research and development, the draft puts the focus on its communicative heart of air spaces and kitchens. The compact structure held blends unobtrusively into the…

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Viatisschule in Nürnberg

We got a honorable mention and we are proud

2011/07/09 / 0 comments

For the design of a elementary school with a separate day home for schoolchildren, we did in cooperation with HPP GmbH & Co.KG situated in Düsseldorf, we got a honorable mention. The design of the Viatisschool focused on sustainable building conditions and an intelligent use of land. The new building should be designed around the…

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Stuttgart Mapping the Area around S21 or K21 how you want

Mapping the city center of Stuttgart

2011/07/09 / 0 comments

We mapped the City in an alternative way. We drawed the main roads of the centred hub and pictured the altitude, the barrier effect, the main use of the emerging soils and the target frequency of use.

New PICS online

2011/06/15 / 0 comments

the single family house is still on hold – we refreshed the rendering parts done by berg-animation. You can watch the whole project on our webpage!

the modell of the working site

Post 21 – 72HUA +++ Urban Action – Rosensteinquartier

2011/06/15 / 0 comments

From Tuesday to Wednesday will happen the 72h urban action in the Kunstverein Wagenhallen. It is the preparation for the next year held Instant City Congress in Stuttgart. Yesterday it started with presentations by Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius (raumlabor-berlin) and W.Grillitsch (Peanutz-Architekten). raumspielkunst is part of it by attending the process. For further information visit Post21!

slick and sharp edges


2011/03/15 / 0 comments

The V-table consists of powder-coated aluminum sheet and is inserted without screws. Its stability, it is attained by the pure strain of the table and its use. His form adapts the noble features of the 60’s design, but is translated into a modern overall design. The wooden plate ends almost on zero, which creates a…

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“Vogue Sandwich”

2011/03/05 / 0 comments

Instead of dumping 800 not sold “Vogue” magazines, we used them to built a desk for the beblond flagship-salon “Beblond” in Stuttgart. The aim was to combine the advantage of using fallow material and building a significant individual furniture for a hairdresser. It is nice, simple, good working and low priced but looks like a…

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Schallschlauchampel.mov on Youtube

2010/07/02 / 0 comments

present and future cities with increasing traffic and complex infrastructure produce a very high level of background noises. Therefore raumspielkunst created a powerful tool to decrease any stress deriving from acoustic environment. This urban intervention illutrates that noise couldn´t be excluded. It shows on the one hand the motorized people it´s role as source of…

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Wilhelmsburg networkscan

2010/06/11 / 2 comments

The following image shows the different short distance network areas in Hamburg. The red lines represent the most reachable areas in the southern citystructure. It spots the walking distances under 400m, which means 5 minutes by feet. This architectural analysis of the “Sprung über die Elbe” shows the different existing centres between Hamburg city and…

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The Archigram Archival Project

2010/06/11 / 0 comments

The Archigram Archival Project makes the work of the seminal architectural group Archigram available free online for public viewing and academic study. The project was run by EXP, an architectural research group at the University of Westminster. The Six Members of Archigram are Peter Cook, David Greene, Mike Webb, Ron Herron, Warren Chalk and Dennis…

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Empire St. Pauli

2010/06/01 / 0 comments

Film about the gentrification phenomenon an its changes for the long time grown society in St. Pauli, Hamburg. The Film got an award for its actual subject and the sensitive way of documantation. The complete Film can be looked under: Austria.kanalb.org, for more information go to: www.empire-stpauli.de

Beblond – Prototype

2010/06/01 / 1 comment

After weeks of investigating the different kinds of EPS and other foamed materials, yesterday we started to a trip to Wanssum, Netherlands to inspect the already produced prototype. It was important to get sure of the different qualities. The finish must be redone, and our client asked us to think about the resizing of the…

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House KP — Private Residence

2010/05/27 / 0 comments

This new bespoke home for a couple was designed and built to high standards of sustainability by our partners raumeins from Leer. The typology organizes the required rooms around a central court which serves as intimate outdoor space in the heart of the u-shaped house. Its economic timber frame structure meets a high insulation standard…

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Kindergarten of Backnang

2010/05/25 / 2 comments

The Citycouncil of Backnang asked Herwartharchitekten and raumspielkunst to design a new kindergarten. The concept was on the one hand enriched with functions like a community and family centre and on the other hand forced by a difficult shaped plot of land. The space for all needed functions was higher than the buildable space allowed….

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Spacesyntax – Space Scan

2010/05/25 / 0 comments

If you need to get clear of what you design, and how the connectiveness in urban space works – you use the analysing tool called “Spacesyntax” of the UCL. Space Syntax is the world´s first computer-based modelling technique to treat cities and buildings. It shows how movement patterns and flows in cities are powerfully shaped…

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Leerpark Presikhaaf – School Island

2010/04/15 / 2 comments

This building in Arnhem, the Netherlands was designed and built to offer three different types of schools a new home. Its program is an innovative approach to fulfill requirements of a flexible and versatile education. A basement floor forms a layer for technical and practical facilities. The five building areas above technical and practical facilities…

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raumspielkunst website programmed by double-plus

New website is online …

2010/02/03 / 6 comments

Welcome to our new Blog! We start blogging by announcing our new webpage and CI made by doubleplus and modularlab. Thank you for that guys!