White Noise Bar

2016/05/03 - interior world / public space / raumplan vs. plan libre / space invader

The White/Noise Bar was born in the mind of two experienced Club & Bar entrepreneurs who wanted to establish a meeting point for the daily “Stuttgarter Feierabend”. Their wish was to exceed the scope of any normal bar, and bring it to another level where Electronic Music and all kind of events perform the core of their offer, beverages included. The selected spot lays in a vivid and vibrant square in the very centre of the city, close to a Metro station but isolated enough for the neighbours’ peace.



151125-Entwurfsplan v2016


The existing elements of the room are barely transformed with a light painting pattern over the walls, letting all the installation uncovered. Five wooden bleachers, supported by a robust steel structure, transform the original space, compressing the action and focusing the view on the bar area where all kind of activities are hold; Live Electronic Music, concerts, film projections, videogaming… Behind the stairs is a more private, secluded space, a place to create intimacy, a place to kiss.





living room setup

The bar itself, designed by a local artist, is inverted with the main furniture at the back and a removable drink delivery bench at the front. The improvised final result owes its freshness to the construction process. The bar is made out of old furniture bought in a flea market and later assembled in place without any previous design, bringing an “Oma” living room atmosphere to a younger aesthetic.


view through the furniture to the outer space

The illumination plays a significant role in this only-at-night bar. Colour-LED stripes and spotlights create a more vibrant and homogeneous feeling out of the collage of materials. The flexibility in use is supported by a complex lightning system that ensures the best experience possible.


fall protection






White/Noise Bar is designed as the alter ego of the White/Noise Club, a calm Dr. Jekyll in front of its counterpart, Mr. Hyde.

Credits: Peter Kneidinger (Structural Design), Maria Rodriguez Cadenas (Photo), Roland Batroff (Photo, LED), Robin Bischoff (Carpenter, Art)

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